In remembrance of January 6, 2021

In remembrance of today, January 6th, the day that fascists tried to destroy America’s democracy, I feel compelled to say this:

I believe that the former, defeated president instigated the insurrection by telling his supporters lies and by manipulating them the way all narcissists do.

I believe the former, defeated president has kept up these lies because his ego cannot admit he was LEGALLY voted out of office.

I believe the former, defeated president does not care about any of us, even his supporters, and that he only cares about himself, like all narcissists.

I do not believe the election was stolen, rigged, or fraudulent in any way and that continuing this BIG LIE is our most serious threat to democracy.

I believe getting people to believe there are issues with voting is the single most threatening thing one can do to our democracy in America.

I believe that fascism is on the rise and that many people who claim to love Jesus are behind that rise.

I believe that fascism is stoked by fear of things we don’t understand, but could, through empathy.

I believe that a fascist state seeks control over all major parts of society and that any individual living in that fascist state must give up their private needs and rights in order to serve the society. And as such, it is much scarier than socialism, a buzz word many use to stoke fear. Socialism is actually based in public ownership and seeks non-centralized planning and distribution, making it a more equitable society. Something those in power fear.

I believe that people with immense power have distorted the above mentioned principals in order to manipulate society, so that they can retain said power. (I am not a socialist, but would take socialism over fascism any day)

I believe that 147 republicans voted last January 6th not just to overturn the election, but to overturn our democracy.

I believe that the former, defeated president, who uses race-baiting to divide Americans and sides with white supremacists, purposefully stirs fear, hate, discontent and divisiveness among Americans by, among other things, undermining our free press, the courts and the electoral process, as well as our belief in science and in our government, and is taking his lead straight from Adolf Hitlers playbook.


Published by dkshuthoughts

Writer, speaker and jeweler, Danene lives on a beautiful, quiet lake in Southwest Michigan. She has a fabulous daughter whom she admires and learns something from each time they're together. Danene adopted a chatty cat named Timone and chooses to spend her time in quiet solitude reading, pondering, writing and surfing the web. She also enjoys time with her partner cooking, boating, fishing, hunting, landscaping, downhill skiing, and new this year- snowmobiling. Danene's life as a jeweler can be quite frantic and busy so the more simple the rest of her life is, the better!

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