“Danene has shared her story.

And I guarantee while you’re reading it, you will learn a lesson about the truths and lies of your own life.

I’m not going to tell you that Jesus is going to show up in your own bathtub, at the end of this book. But my gut tells me that he’s going to show up somewhere, if you listen hard enough.

Praises to Danene for her bravery. Her courage to find a way to fight back, stand up, brush herself off, and most importantly…share it all, with all of us.

I loved it!!”

Cindy, MI

“I dog eared many pages, because words that you used to describe your thoughts and feelings, hit home for me.” ~ Karen, MI

“WOW!! I loved the raw, candid sharing of mistakes and challenges that many of us experience. I have not been to “church” for years and will never attend organized religion again due to the judgement of men, but Jesus loves us in spite of our imperfections. I love that your book brings this out. I also love that you were able to share how we can go through terrible times making terrible decisions and can still be worthy of love and can have fulfilling lives.” ~ Kim, CO

“I got home from work, opened it and thought I would read a few pages and ended up not putting it down!! You’re very talented at connecting with your reader.” ~ Jennifer, MI

“I know you’ll all enjoy Danene’s novel. It was a quick easy-flowing read that piqued my interest so I finished it in one sitting. I realized many messages in the book that can heal my own heart too. ” ~ Jan, MI


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