Maybe it’s the rain…

Maybe it’s the rain, there’s something about raining days. Maybe it’s the fact that my mother will be gone five years this Wednesday. Maybe it’s the hormones that still seem to rage even though they yield nothing. Maybe it’s the state of this country right now that just has me hurting, empty, lonely and unable to put my finger on why. Whatever it is, it’s painful and it seems to have snuck up on me today.

Social media does us no favors by only stressing the “positive.” I’m not saying positive isn’t wonderful, it is. Though fake positive sucks.


It sucks the authenticity right out of you. It sucks the connection you once had with someone right down the drain. I don’t think we do anyone any favors by acting like everything is okay, when it isn’t.

My book “I Met Jesus In My Bathtub” centers on authenticity and vulnerability. And how it’s time to get rid of the facade.  Jesus has the strongest words for the hypocrites (aka actors) around him.

Some days are magnificent and should be celebrated with everything we have!

Some days suck!

And we need to let it out. And we need to give ourselves the grace to do so.

Not everyday is going to be our best day. I’m not saying dwell on the bad. But I am saying recognize that the ups and downs are all part of the beautiful tapestry that is our lives.

Embrace it all.

All of it makes you who you are.

Grace & Peace

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Published by dkshuthoughts

Writer, speaker and jeweler, Danene lives on a beautiful, quiet lake in Southwest Michigan. She has a fabulous daughter whom she admires and learns something from each time they're together. Danene adopted a chatty cat named Timone and chooses to spend her time in quiet solitude reading, pondering, writing and surfing the web. She also enjoys time with her partner cooking, boating, fishing, hunting, landscaping, downhill skiing, and new this year- snowmobiling. Danene's life as a jeweler can be quite frantic and busy so the more simple the rest of her life is, the better!

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